How To Minimize the Time to Respond to Cyber Security Threats

Keeping data safe and ensuring network security is safe from threats are on most companies and government entities’ priority lists. Cyber threats and data breaches are becoming more common as cybercriminals find new and unique ways to hack into secure data by invading networks and breaching security vulnerabilities. The best way for companies to protect […]

Impacts of Cyber Security Risks on The Supply Chain

Many of the biggest cybersecurity breaches of the past several years have come via the supply chain. In one of the more notable attacks of 2021, the Irish IT firm Kaseya fell victim to a ransomware virus that infected a small part of their supply chain. According to their CEO, less than one in one […]

Why Cybersecurity Continues to Grow so Rapidly

It seems like every week we hear of another significant cybersecurity breach somewhere in the country. Everyone from corporations to public utilities and even retail banking customers are constantly targeted. Costs of these attacks routinely run into the billions of dollars year after year. As bad as the problem is, it has been getting significantly […]

Cyber Warfare in the Ukraine/Russia War

As one of the bloodiest wars in Europe since Hitler was alive rages across Ukraine, one concern is what types of cyberattacks will be waged by the Russians. While it may seem minor in comparison to the very real bloodshed occurring across Ukraine, cyber warfare can and does have very real life and death consequences, […]

Log4j- What is it and Why is it a Big Topic in Cybersecurity

If you work in cyber security or web development, you have likely heard of the Apache Log4j vulnerability. Many cyber security experts are struggling to fix this vulnerability and malicious attackers can take great advantage of it. Log4j is a piece of software that is leveraged by programmers to help them if they are logging […]

How AI Can Minimize Cybersecurity Risk

In the ever changing world of cybersecurity, staying on top of trends and new technologies is crucial to keep your networks safe and secure. Cyber attacks are happening at an unprecedented pace and cost organizations an enormous amount of money every year. As outlined in the Cost of Data Breach Report for 2021 by IBM, […]

Why Healthcare is such a big Target in Cybersecurity

Healthcare is a very specific industry that houses and organizes a large number of personal data to conduct operations. In the current digital day and age, many things are controlled over the internet. Healthcare organizations deal with highly sensitive information on a daily basis. They have to face challenges over compliance issues and the tightening […]

Understanding Third Party Risk

If you know anything about cyber security, you are probably well aware of the 2017 data breach at Equifax that exposed the sensitive financial and personal data of roughly 150 million Americans. But did you know that it wasn’t directly caused by a flaw in Equifax’s cyber security? The hackers were able to access Equifax’s […]

Review and summary of 2021 IBM Cost of Data Breach Report

IBM’s data breach report is a leading cyber security report. In its 17th year edition, it has unveiled some of the most surprising impacts of a data breach in the current and past years. It offers IT managers and security leaders plenty of insight into the factors that help mitigate the rising cost of data […]