Our Solution: AI Cyber Risk Prediction

Is your organization more or less likely to be the target of a cyber attack today? Cyber thieves change their attack vectors instantly and in response to world conditions. Unfortunately today’s monitoring solutions focus on technical risk, and can not predict dynamically changing threat levels for your firm, or partners and suppliers that connect to your infrastructure.

Predict, Prepare & Prioritize

Our AI platform helps you assess not only your own internal Cyber Risk posture, but also helps prioritize the inherent risk you face through 3rd party infrastructure connections.

The Wisr Cyber Prediction Engine constantly consumes massive amounts of global data – news, social media, cyber breach reports, dark web chatter and more – to build dynamic risk rating algorithms. Our engine keeps you prepared, and helps you prioritize your IT security efforts to match your risk profile.

Our Platform

The Wisr platform constantly monitors global data feeds – from news, cyber breaches, social media, financial data, weather patterns and more – and turns this data into actionable insights.


Hackers and criminals change their attack vectors quickly and based on local and global events. Wisr unlocks the insights you need from global data sources to manage and monitor cyber risk across your vendor network.


By constantly monitoring changes in cyber breaches, hacks and more, coupled with changes in the external environment, Wisr provides you risk assessments to prioritize the inherent risk from your vendor and supply chain partners.


Our artificial intelligence and neural network platform creates firmographic "fingerprints" to profile cyber breaches and pattern match changing global conditions to provide early warning and risk profiles for your vendors.


Wisr keeps track of breach profiles and provides AI-driven analysis for your organization and vendor partners, with automated recommendations on how to improve protection and remediate risk.


Gain peace of mind by knowing that your risk profile is under constant supervision. Our platform tracks not only your organization, but all of your designated partners and peers in the market to ensure you are the first to know of any change in your level of risk.

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