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Wisr believes that this information shouldn’t be trapped in the hands of governments, health organizations, the military and private conglomerates. We believe that the FAANG companies should not have a stranglehold on the artificial intelligence needed to make sense of this data.

The Wisr platform constantly monitors global data feeds – from news, cyber breaches, social media, financial data, weather patterns and more – and turns this data into actionable insights.

Few markets are more in flux than the energy sector. Updates to the regulatory models, climate change, geopolitical trends, and even the percentages of the types of energy being supplied are evolving rapidly.

The global construction industry is heavily impacted by economic and political change.

Evaluating the cyber threat to capital markets and global corporations requires analyzing huge volumes of data, documents and reports.

As budgets tighten across the public sector at all levels, they are burdened with a duty to mitigate risk through increasing threats and data overload.

The COVID Pandemic changed everything about global healthcare. Some of the greatest challenges surfaced when attempting to access real-time information about global events

In an industry as heavily regulated as mining, it’s never been more important to detect and manage business risks before they happen.

The Retail and Restaurant industries are heavily reliant on supply chain, employment issues & regulations, and are the first wave of organizations impacted by global events such as Covid or the SolarWinds hack.

The transportation of goods across the world has evolved more quickly in the past 2 years than in the past twenty.

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