Cyber Risk Detection

In an industry as heavily regulated as mining, it’s never been more important to detect and manage cyber risks – ideally before they happen. The actions of your crews, partners and subcontractors can significantly impact your license to operate.

Cyber risks are increasing for mining operators as more and more systems, technology and equipment are being connected to public and private networks. Hackers are motivated to attack mining operations out of financial, political and even social reasons, with significant risk coming from 3rd party vendors that may be slow to adopt cyber security protections.  


of mining operators list 'License to Operate' in their top 3 risks
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investors say local community impact is the highest priority

1 in 3

mining companies predict climate activism against the sector will increase post 2021

Our Solution

The Wisr platform constantly monitors global data feeds – from news, cyber breaches, social media, financial data, weather patterns and more – and turns this data into actionable insights.


Hackers and criminals change their attack vectors quickly and based on local and global events. Wisr unlocks the insights you need from global data sources to manage and monitor cyber risk across your vendor network.


By constantly monitoring changes in cyber breaches, hacks and more, coupled with changes in the external environment, Wisr provides you risk assessments to prioritize the inherent risk from your vendor and supply chain partners.


Our artificial intelligence and neural network platform creates firmographic "fingerprints" to profile cyber breaches and pattern match changing global conditions to provide early warning and risk profiles for your vendors.


Wisr keeps track of breach profiles and provides AI-driven analysis for your organization and vendor partners, with automated recommendations on how to improve protection and remediate risk.

In a post-pandemic world, community relations, a social license to operate, environmental risks and new regulations are in the top 5 risks to the mining industry., Detecting and Managing risk has never been more critical.

KPMG Risk and Opportunities for Mining Global Outlook 2021 Survey

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