News: Wisr Accepted into NVIDIA Inception Program

WISR AI has been accepted into the NVIDIA AI Inception Program

We are pleased to share with you our press release (below) regarding our acceptance into the NVIDIA AI Inception Program.

This is critical for Wisr as we continue to align ourselves with the best partners in the industry, now and in the future.

NVIDIA is spearheading the infrastructure, expertise and computing technology that is building the foundation of the AI revolution. One of the reasons AI “took off” in 2012 was because researchers were able to use GPUs (graphical processing units) instead of traditional CPUs (central processing units) and discovered methods of using parallel computing calculations for AI and deep neural networks.

In fact, ChatGPT by OpenAI currently utilizes over 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs, with expansion up to 30,000 GPUs in their next upgrade.

Following the NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference this week, this quote was made regarding NVIDIA’s superiority:

Those products “are years ahead of the competition,” said Hans Mosesmann, a semiconductors analyst at Rosenblatt Securities. “NVIDIA’s leadership on the software side of AI is not only monumental – it is accelerating.”

NVIDIA is an essential partner for us as they provide access to NVIDIA GPU compute and other cloud computing resources, access to AI and engineering toolsets, as well as purpose-built cybersecurity systems and algorithms designed to comb through vast quantities of data, which is critical for our product development. Additionally, they can open up business development opportunities down the road, and assist with co-marketing of our platform.


Wisr AI Joins NVIDIA Inception

Vancouver, British Columbia — (March 23, 2023) – Wisr AI Solutions Inc. (“Wisr AI” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has been accepted as a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures startups revolutionizing industries with technology advancements.

Wisr AI is leveraging the next generation of AI tools, big data and cloud computing resources to help enterprises predict where cybersecurity threats are coming from. By leveraging massive amounts of global data from multiple sources – including news, social media, dark web, and more – Wisr AI develops dynamic risk rating predictions for enterprises and their 3rd party vendor and supply chain network.

Inception will provide the Company with AI resources, including support from world-leading AI experts, education opportunities, NVIDIA cybersecurity tools, as well as access to NVIDIA GPU hardware and cloud computing solutions.

“Wisr AI is working on helping global enterprises identify, quantify and predict their cyber risk exposure using massive global data, analyzed by our proprietary AI systems,” said Rob Goehring, Founder and CEO of Wisr AI. “Our unique approach to predictions requires tremendous computing power and resources that NVIDIA’s world-leading GPU architecture is designed to support. We are excited to be included in this unique program as our AI models continue to grow in size and complexity.”

NVIDIA Inception helps a global network of over 11,000 technology startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping and deployment. Every NVIDIA Inception member gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support and technology assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

About Wisr AI

Wisr AI is an advanced, proprietary AI platform that predicts cyber attacks on large enterprises – and their 3rd party vendor networks. Wisr AI helps enterprises assess not only their own internal cyber risk posture, but also helps prioritize the inherent risk faced through 3rd party infrastructure and supply chain connections. The Wisr AI Cyber Intelligence platform constantly consumes massive amounts of global data – news, social media, cyber breach reports, dark web chatter and more – to build dynamic, AI driven risk rating algorithms. Our engine keeps enterprises prepared, and helps prioritize IT security efforts to match their risk profile.

For more information, please contact:

Rob Goehring
CEO of Wisr AI

Wisr AI Investor Relations

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