Risk and Threat Identification for the Energy Market

Few markets are in the process of significant change more than the energy sector. Changes to the regulatory models, climate change, geopolitical trends, and even the percentages of the types of energy being supplied are changing.

Across all industries, the Energy sector has been identified as facing the highest risk of cyber attack, with an average cost of $360,000 per year per company due to attacks.

Regulatory and public policy continue to pull in multiple directions as the tension between public will and political influence continues to diverge.


Increase in Hacktivism Cyberattacks against Energy Utilities in 2020
$ 0 Trillion
Global Cost of Cyber Crime in Energy Sector by 2025

2 in 5

Energy Executives report lack of data/insight as their biggest obstacle to managing risk

Our Solutions

The Wisr platform constantly monitors global data feeds – from news, cyber breaches, social media, financial data, weather patterns and more – and turns this data into actionable insights.


The world is more uncertain than ever, with businesses facing volatility and new risks at every turn. Wisr unlocks the insights you need from global data sources to manage risk and prosper.


Cyber attacks are on the rise, with an ever-increasing risk from third-party IT systems. Our AI threat prediction platform identifies your risk based on constantly changing global conditions.


Today's digital health care system relies on data to deliver the best patient outcomes. Leveraging our AI curation engine we give practitioners the ability to stay on top of the latest research and trends.


The health of our planet is a key concern for all businesses. By leveraging AI-driven insights into global data, your business can predict and stay ahead of environmental impacts.

To avoid further increases in cyber attacks, it’s clear that the energy sector must commit to improving its current security measures as it moves into 2021 and beyond. They must better understand cyber risks and how to mitigate them, better champion their own security culture, and invest in platforms that provide robust threat intelligence to support them.

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