How ChatGPT and Generative AI Tools Are Fueling The Next Generation of Cyber Attacks

Generative AI

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, has the ability to generate text based on a prompt, making it an indispensable tool in various industries such as customer service, content creation, and more.  However, as with any technology, the increasing popularity of […]

News: Wisr AI Announces Addition of Thomas Bain to Advisory Board 

We are pleased to share with you our press release (below) regarding our new advisor, Thomas Bain. Tom has an extensive background in the cybersecurity industry, with direct experience in our market, having worked with companies such as RiskRecon and SecurityScorecard.  We are looking forward to working with Tom to help expand our go-to-market plans […]

News: Wisr Accepted into NVIDIA Inception Program

WISR AI has been accepted into the NVIDIA AI Inception Program

We are pleased to share with you our press release (below) regarding our acceptance into the NVIDIA AI Inception Program. This is critical for Wisr as we continue to align ourselves with the best partners in the industry, now and in the future. NVIDIA is spearheading the infrastructure, expertise and computing technology that is building […]

How To Make AI And Cybersecurity Work Together

AI and cybersecurity work together

Making sure your business is protected from cybercrime is more important than ever. But with the vast amount of data and the constantly evolving landscape of threats, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. That’s where AI comes in. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the hottest topics in the […]

News: Wisr AI Announces Beta Launch of Brand Sentiment Cyber Risk AI Model

New model detects emerging cyber threats by analyzing global sentiment about a brand through mass amounts of data Overall technology platform is strengthened with the addition of this new model by providing early warning risk indicators for brand-based cyber threats Company received a $20,000 grant from the Scale AI supercluster and was listed as ‘Top […]

Get Ahead of The Curve: How CEOs & Boards Are Bearing Risk Liability

Let’s talk about the future as it relates to employment contracts in the C-suite. Gartner, Inc (“Gartner”) made their top eight cybersecurity predictions for 2022-2023 earlier this year, their 8th prediction on their list was that by 2026 half of C-level executives (Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers, & Chief Financial Officers) will have employment […]

The Importance of Third-Party Risk Management for Cybersecurity

In the last few decades, cybersecurity has become more and more mainstream for companies of all sizes. A large part of the reason for this rise is the increased frequency of third-party breaches.  Many companies, especially larger multinational corporations, hire cybersecurity firms to protect their own servers and data. This has effectively mitigated many instances […]

The Latest Investments in Advanced Cybersecurity

As we have seen, in the past several years, cybersecurity attacks have risen dramatically and no company or industry is immune to the threats. Robust cybersecurity protocols are needed, and often the simplest solutions can be extremely effective when practiced diligently by everyone in an organization.  Some industries are however in dire need of a […]

How To Minimize the Time to Respond to Cyber Security Threats

Keeping data safe and ensuring network security is safe from threats are on most companies and government entities’ priority lists. Cyber threats and data breaches are becoming more common as cybercriminals find new and unique ways to hack into secure data by invading networks and breaching security vulnerabilities. The best way for companies to protect […]

Five Tips to Protect Your Business During the Russia/Ukraine War

On February 24th, Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border and into Ukraine, starting an invasion that has led to some of the worst fighting in Europe since the darkest days of World War Two. What is less newsworthy is that on that same day, the Russians also launched a successful cyber attack that […]