Stupid Ways that Big Corporations Got Hacked

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Hackers are like the digital equivalent of airborne dust particles. Despite the countless efforts to make your house impenetrable to airborne debris, there will always be an entry point from where it will seep through. Similarly, hackers are a breed that thrives when a secure network presents them the most challenges. When breaking in, they […]

Risk Management and AI: A Necessary Alliance

Provata AI - Risk Management

Managing Business Risks Using Technology Recently, a team at AXA XL – a global insurance giant that specializes in cargo – was struggling to understand how external influences were adding risk to the process of insuring their customer’s products: specifically, the quality of the container cargo that their clients transported. Cargo loss was a significant […]

3 Reasons Why Third-party Cyber Risk Assessment is so Critical

3 Reasons Why Third Party Cyber Risk Assessment is so Critical

3 Reasons Why Third-party Cyber Risk Assessment is so Critical “In my opinion, third-party risk is the biggest risk facing organizations right now. Most businesses simply don’t have the capacity to do their due diligence on third-parties, and it only takes one bad apple in the supply chain to create huge risks.” Charles Denyer, co-founder […]

Business Threats Can’t Be Solved Without Artificial Intelligence

Provata AI - managing business threats with artificial intelligence

In a 2012 article by the New York Times, Gary King, director of Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, made a bold prediction at the time when he said that “the march of quantification, made possible by enormous new sources of data, will sweep through academia, business and government. There is no area that is […]

AI Can Help Fight Cyber Attacks

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The ability to proactively identify anomalous activity and potential attacks before they can do major damage is one of the biggest benefits of tech-driven cybersecurity. In a report published earlier this year, Siemens provided a thorough analysis on why companies are lagging behind when it comes to building strong defenses against cyberattacks, and their clearest […]

Managing Supply Chain Risk in a Post-COVID World

Provata AI - Managing Supply Chain Risk in a Post-COVID World

Although the full effects of the pandemic are still unknown, it is never too early to start mapping out what the future might hold for our supply chains, and how to manage risk within them. Early research and analysis is encouraging, pointing towards companies across industries making major changes in the way they adapt supply chains to be more conscious of the known and unknown risks that they face.